01 January 2007

Honolulu Skyline by Moonlight

Happy New Year and welcome to my 2007 Photo Journal, where each week I will post a few of my favorite photographs (mostly new, some old) throughout the year.

The overall theme of this weekly photo journal is "Flavor of the Month", where every month will have its own individual theme (TBA).

For January '07, the theme is "Photography by Night". Enjoy!


MattO 03 January, 2007 08:10  

I love the framing of this photo. The moon and the reflection on the water. The tree in the foreground is just the right touch to set the photo off. Nicely done and good luck on your PAW.

John M. Setzler, Jr. 03 January, 2007 11:33  

Beautiful photo and the framing with the palm tree is an excellent and well thought out touch.. nice work :)

asim 03 January, 2007 18:02  

great start to the year! it makes me wish i was in hawaii... very clear with beautiful colors, and great framing with the tree on the side of the image. i'm looking forward to seeing your entries as the year progresses.

Alain 04 January, 2007 12:36  

WOW, this is a great picture, great start for your PAW project.

All the best,

Obsidian 06 January, 2007 01:46  

Sigh - what a difference in the weather between there and here! Makes me wish that I was somewhere more tropical. Great shot!

T-Mayer 06 January, 2007 06:00  

This is one of the BEST night shots I have ever seen! I just adore the palm tree framing and the reflection of the sky lights in the water. This is Hang on the wall quality stuff!

Jeff 07 January, 2007 17:02  

I am going to enjoy your PAW more than most people because, like you, I live in Honolulu and will recognize most of the locations you shoot (and you will probably recognize many of mine too).

This first one is gorgeous. The blue is striking and, as others have said, the palm framing works well.

Kelly Steele 07 January, 2007 18:59  

The composition and colors are wonderful. I can see this as the cover for a destination magazine. Nicely done!

Jojo 09 January, 2007 07:06  

I have one word for both the photos: WOW! LOL Great shots. I look forward to more!

Kekiinani 09 January, 2007 21:43  

Hey this is a really nice shot :) :
Love the blue.. :) :)


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