22 January 2010

M & C's Quest for Holy Matrimony

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Michelle and Craig during their scouting trip to Hawaii for their "semi-destination" wedding. Both of them currently live in California, but Craig is originally from Oahu and still has lots of family here, thus the "semi" part.

I really enjoyed talking story with them about their wedding plans, and the more I learned about them the more excited I was about possibly shooting their wedding. They are both engineers, but have a fabulous creative streak also. Needless to say I love working with clients like this because...well I'm not ashamed to admit it but I am a big science/techie geek myself (not to imply that Michelle or Craig are geeks mind you!) who also enjoys flexing the 'ol creative muscles. BUT Michelle and Craig are taking the creative and DIY thing up a whole other notch (e.g. think making her wedding dress!).

Thus when I got their contract in the mail the other day, I was delighted to see their Save the Date (STD) that was included in the envelope. All I could think was "Shazam! - this is waaay groovy" and then promptly put it on my frig, which is of course the sacred spot in all houses near and far for that stuff which is cool. :o)

Be sure to check out their STD below...Michelle drew and designed it herself. I love the comic book theme and of course it is a one-of-a-kind work of art. She designed it so that the center piece is a magnet which is always handy to have on the frig. If this is their STD, I can't wait to see what else these two come up with for their wedding.


Hawaii Wedding Photography
Hawaii Wedding Photography
Hawaii Wedding Photography

P.S. For those local couples that may not be as artistically inclined as Michelle and need a little help w/ their wedding stationary, I highly recommend Shauna at Fresh, Inc. in the Windward Mall in Kaneohe. She offers some really cool and environmentally friendly options and can help create a custom design that is totally you.


Blue Wave 707 22 January, 2010 18:30  

Cool idea, nice macro shot! :-)

penga 26 January, 2010 07:54  

We are big geeks, for sure! Awesome pictures, I'm totally excited we got to meet (& book) you too!

- Michelle


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