26 November 2009

Which is your favorite? Vote Now!

Thanks everyone for their submissions - after much anticipation the entries are posted below. You may vote using the gadget towards the bottom of the page through 11 PM, HST Dec 4, 2009 - only one vote per person so make sure you vote for the one you like best the first time! The winner will be announced on Monday, Dec 7th and will receive a 16x24 gallery canvas wrap of the winning photograph.

Best wishes and luck to all entries!


P.S. You may notice that there is a photo included of Annie-belle, my Scottie, in the list. :o) No she is not competing for the gallery wrap, but for every comment left on this post, she will donate $1 (up to $75.) to her favorite doggie rescue organization (Scottie Kingdom Rescue). Happy Thanksgiving!

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Hawaii Photography
Hawaii Photography
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AnnElizabeth80 26 November, 2009 20:17  

Such great photos! Thanks for sharing! Wish I lived closer to paradise...

Anonymous 01 December, 2009 12:10  

I just love these pictures...hope this helps the cause!

Sarah N. 01 December, 2009 14:21  

Do I comment here to vote? If so, I'd like to vote for entry #5! Great photos!! :)

Anonymous 01 December, 2009 17:55  

great photos!

Anonymous 01 December, 2009 17:59  

Cool Pictures!!!

Mary-Ann B 01 December, 2009 21:19  

That picture #6 is so adorable...who's kids are those? Classic...my vote is in, hope they win!

Anonymous 02 December, 2009 14:04  

great pictures! we love #3!! hands down would be the best printed on canvas. an absolute masterpiece.

Laura F. 02 December, 2009 15:11  

I like #4, #5, & #6! I'm not going to vote because I like them all but I wanted to help with your doggie foundation. Goodluck to all!

troy 03 December, 2009 03:22  

Beautiful photos. I vote for #6

Anonymous 03 December, 2009 14:14  

I wish I could vote for the dog photo! That is a winner picture, totally beautiful and would look killer on canvas. But, since I couldn't vote for #7 I voted for my other favorite, photo #6! Those kids are adorable, I love kids when they're being themselves, and I wish I knew what that little girl was thinking.

Anonymous 04 December, 2009 07:39  

this picture is soo cute

William Logan 04 December, 2009 13:46  

All of the pics are beautiful, but my vote is for #3!

Anonymous 04 December, 2009 14:44  

vote for #1!!

Anonymous 04 December, 2009 15:04  

I voted for #1!

Paul 04 December, 2009 15:38  

vote in for entry #6! Love your photos

Anonymous 04 December, 2009 17:11  

love that dog !! sooo cute!!

Anonymous 05 December, 2009 07:36  

Beautiful photos! Wow, what a race between photo #3 and photo #6, both great pictures! Congratulations everyone!

Anonymous 05 December, 2009 11:55  

#6 is our favorite

Carolyn 05 December, 2009 13:20  

I love picture 6 .... You always see people
making there kids smile and pose this picture shows the children and there true feelings. That boy is so handsome and that beautiful little girl is sooo funny ! What a blessing to have such animated children! I hope they win.

Traci 06 December, 2009 09:07  

Love all of the entries! Such awesome pics!

Anonymous 07 December, 2009 17:01  

This comment is to vote for the phot #6. Good photo with great actors.!!


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