28 February 2009

A Girl's Best Friend

I know it is supposed to be diamonds, but this gal is going to throw her hat in with the men on this one and say it is her dog. :o)

Annie-belle (and her sister ~ Laurie) turned two this week. Looking back over the past year, I am amazed at how much they have accomplished and am thankful for all the "adventures" we have shared together. (Annie-belle has her CD and RE titles, and Laurie is a CH and has her RA - hurray). I know - seems cheesy but any fellow dog lover will certainly understand!

In celebration of their birthday, thought I would post some recent snapshots of them.


Hawaii Dog Portrait Photography
Annie-belle: Boy, that wind sure be a blowing.

Hawaii Pet Portrait Photography
Laurie: Yeah - no kidding! It's messing up my Scottie 'brows. But it sure is a helluva view.

Hawaii Dog Portrait Photography
Annie-belle: Do you see any whales yet?
Laurie: Nope, do you?

Hawaii Dog Portrait Photography
Annie-belle: Ah mom, do we have to take ANOTHER photo? Sheesh.

Hawaii Dog Portrait Photography
Laurie: Blast, will that wind ever calm down? It's still messing with my Scottie good looks. Can we have our treats now??


Blue Wave 707 28 February, 2009 22:40  

Awww! So cute! :-) I really love the 3rd photo! It must have took a lot to get them to pose for the shot. Looks like they had to work a bit to earn their birthday treat. :-) Great shots!

Kekiinani 02 March, 2009 23:16  

Oh my gosh!!! These r sooo cute :) :) I love them..

Connie 08 June, 2009 15:06  

Hi I just viewed your Scottie portraits on Flickr Scottie group - love your portraits and love the shot of the two on the rock! I am a photo stylist and am now shooting with my new camera a Canon SX1 which has a little more to offer than my previous point a shoot and love photographing my Scottie even if he is probably the toughest subject - big fan!


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