23 September 2007

My First Cover

It is with much anticipation that I share some exciting news. Hawaiian Telcom selected one of my stock photographs to be the cover of their 2007-08 Oahu directories! I had originally submitted the photograph last year to a contest being sponsored by the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau (which I did not win). But the Hawaiian Telcom folks saw it this past summer while browsing the images from the HVCB contest and decided to use it for their phonebooks. I would like to thank Hawaiian Telcom for selecting my photograph from the many others they saw, and it is a great honor to be featured on their phonebook.


Kekiinani 23 September, 2007 10:03  

Hurray Hurray Hurray... How awesome is this!! :) :) Congratulations!!
Love the image... Should have won the photo contest as well. :) :) :)

Blue Wave 707 23 September, 2007 23:30  


I bet it must be a bit overwhelming to see your work on someting that thousands will see, especially a cover shot! (been there)

Mike 24 September, 2007 11:47  

Congratulations Annie! That is terrific.

Jeff 24 September, 2007 21:17  

Wow! Congratulations. Some people get 15 minutes of fame. You get a whole year! (For starters, of course. Other things are sure to follow.) Oh, yeah...and the photo is really nice too. Everyone in my office will find out whose photo it is. ;-)

ASH 30 September, 2007 13:59  

I have been clicking on links to blogs on my friends' blogs, and so I am here :) Congratulations on making the cover!

puzzled 06 October, 2007 09:43  

Congratulations to you!! I wish we could see a larger scan of it, but it looks great. I can't even imagine what it must be like to have a photo chosen like this ... so cool it happened to you!

Anonymous 11 October, 2007 21:30  

Hi Annie, Just stopping by to browse your blog and came across this. Wow, Congratulations!



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