18 July 2007

Fire in the Sky

It is a little early to put something up for my weekly photo blog, but wanted to post something now since I may be too busy this weekend. Besides, tonight's sunset was a mighty nice one so I thought I would share.


Kekiinani 18 July, 2007 23:08  

WHOOOOOA!!! Way cool.. Way cool Way cool.... ooops already said that..... :) :) Love those colors... :) :) :)Great sunset shot..

Elaine 19 July, 2007 16:37  

Love the colors and the layers. Great shot!

Jeff 21 July, 2007 23:36  

The colors say it all...spectacular sunset, well photographed.

Annie 22 July, 2007 14:10  

From one Annie to another, BRAVO. This photo is stunning.

Blue Wave 707 24 July, 2007 22:48  

Great timing to get all those colors of a sunset!

Gretchen 07 August, 2007 03:26  

Too beautiful! I can't image seeing that every night. You are very lucky.


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