18 February 2007

Hazelnut Ganache Twirl

These were taken at a parade in Chinatown. It was very enjoyable to watch the different lion dance troupes and how they "danced". The crowd gave plenty of dollar bills to the lions to bring good fortune in the new year.


puzzled 18 February, 2007 10:58  

Looks like a load of fun! New Year is the best with all the colors. Perfect photo opportunity :-)

Kekiinani 18 February, 2007 16:25  

Look at all those colors.. Awesome shots.. Darn I missed out on all the fun.. See ya soon :)

Jeff 19 February, 2007 00:08  

Great shots! Very colorful. I was in Chinatown too at the same time, shooting Lion Dances. Lol. Great fun.

Faye Pekas 19 February, 2007 06:46  

It looks like a good time :) Bright, colorful shot.

Mike 22 February, 2007 12:10  

Great colours. I like the composition of he right hand shot.

T-Mayer 22 February, 2007 12:46  

Wonder how much money they made. I didn't know you 'feed' the dragons in the dragon dance. Very cool story to go with some very cool images!


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